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10 Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Wow your Customers

If you’re looking at this post, chances are, you are a restaurant owner or a manager who wants nothing but to impress your customers.

Experiences have taught you that boring marketing strategies may not work in this digital age. You need enjoyable promotion ideas to create lasting impressions among your clients.

Social media is your greatest resource to interact with your customers. When using social media, try using these 10 restaurant promotion ideas to wow your customers!


1. Launch Contests and Giveaways

This is by far, one of the fastest ways to expand your social media network. Your clients will more likely follow you if you provide more value. Contests and giveaways not only provide value but could serve as catalysts to increase your online reach. Tasks such as following your restaurant on all your social media accounts, liking your posts and tagging their friends in the comment section of your posts can definitely boost your social media engagement and increase your followers.

2. Make your Contents Engaging

Practice the habit of posting contents especially dedicated to engagements. These posts typically include open-ended questions where people can express their sentiment and tasks like tagging a friend to it.

3. Repost What has been Posted by your Clients

Another enjoyable restaurant promotion idea is reposting the photos taken by your customers. When clients enjoy their experience in your place, they will most likely post some pictures online. Tag them back when sharing their posts to show your genuine appreciation.

4. Rely on High-Quality Photos of your Food

Make sure you have photos of your food posted in high definition. Some social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are photo exhibit halls for people seeking for visual gratification. Make sure you add those aesthetics to your pages.

5. Think of Unique Hashtags to Use on Instagram and Twitter

Not just for Instagram and Twitter, hashtags increase the findability of your social media accounts. Using unique hashtags however, lets you stand-out from all the other generic ones. Craft your own unique hashtags and combine it with popular ones.

6. Share Customer Reviews

Just like idea number 3, posting your customer reviews shows your credibility within the online sphere. 88% of the population actually trust what people say on Facebook. and 70% of local purchases can be linked back to social media. When people give you a 5-star rating on Google or any platform, share it right away!

7. Drop that Buck to Boost a Post

Wise restaurant owners understand the need to invest in digital marketing. Allocating a budget for paid advertisements will take your business long ways. It promotes greater organic traffic and engagement. Having the name of your restaurant popping on your customer’s face just makes the promotion more enjoyable.

8. Initiate Reach Ads for Local Brand Awareness

Similar to paid ads is a reach or brand awareness campaign. These allow your clients to see you multiple times.  Reach ads are linked to calls to action like “Get Directions,” “Call Now,” and “Learn More.” Brand awareness campaigns target people who are more likely will look at your ads.

9. Drive Traffic to Your Website through Traffic Ads

For restaurants, traffic ads are fun promotion ideas as calls to action such as “Learn More” can be redirected to your online menu or booking page. These traffic ads will generate sure organic traffic to your website and create more sales.

10. Notify Loyalty or Rewards Program Members of the Latest Restaurant Happenings

Show VIP treatment to your loyalty or rewards program members by giving them a heads up on your discounts, upcoming events and exclusive updates. Gather their emails and send that customized message that will trigger them to come back to your restaurant.

These are just some of the exciting ways to wow your customers and promote your restaurant through social media. There are still tons of ways you can bring your brand to light. And we would be glad to show you that. Schedule a consultation with us, and we will provide you with a FREE toolkit to promote your restaurant more effectively on social media.

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