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6 Creative Blogging Ideas for Restaurant Promotion

Since we’re onto the digital world now, there are tons of content ideas to try out there. For restaurant businesses, opportunities are indeed endless.

Blogging will always be one of the creative and essential ways to inform, entertain, or persuade a potential customer. But of course, it all depends on your content.

Blog contents must have an informative factor, one that gives the customers new information that is significant for them.

Here are some ideas to consider for your restaurant blog content:


1. Share Recipes for Necessities 

There’s nothing better than to share your recipes most especially to your loyal customers who love your food. 

Sharing your recipes doesn’t mean you’re giving out your restaurant’s secrets, but giving people the opportunity to explore and achieve your taste level–which is a good way to gain the trust of your customers.

The fact that you’re sharing what yours and what you have to the public, you’re giving them the chance to build up the bond, trust, and interest toward you. We’d always prefer friends who share than those who don’t, right?


2. Announce What’s New to Your Menu

It’s always a MUST to announce or promote what’s new to your menu. People are crazy with what’s always “new.” Plus, letting them know about the new things, you most likley have their attention set your restuarant.

Introduce to them your new menu and blog about it. Write about the name, probably the story behind it if there was really a story behind it, the components of that certain dish, the benefits of course since people are always hooked by the healthy factors, and the cost.

Make the blog really enticing that it could make them crave for it. The thing about new menus is how you creatively present to them about it. Present to them the twists and the innovation done by your restaurant. Make sure it is distinct from other restaurants that might have the same menu as yours.


3. Educate Them to Elevate You

Sometimes, educating your target audience gives you more rewards than what you expect. There are many ways that you can educate your audience and at the same time create trust and reliability for your business.

Upon starting your business, not all people would know about the food you are catering to them. Let’s say, you own a seafood restaurant in your place, where majority of the people there aren’t that familiar with your cuisine. This is where blogging becomes helpful.

For example, your blog would introduce seafood to the people in an interesting and unique manner. Blog titles like “How to properly eat a king crab” or “What to know about prawn” is a good idea to let your customers know what they are about to take in the time they go to your restaurant.


4. Make Human What’s Nonhuman 

We love sincere and genuine service. So try to give your restaurant a human face, so that your audience can talk and share their opinion with you.

Blog about introducing your staff. Share interesting stories about your restaurant. Do kitchen tours and create a blog our of it.  Show how you work during the busy hours or how you have fun while working. Feature your loyal customers.

Also, featuring your suppliers is a good idea, as your customers may be interested to know where your ingredients come from. The catch here is that even your relationship with your suppliers will grow stronger. 


5. Customer Involvement for Credibility Improvement

You can take things one more step by involving your customers. This can make a really good blog and can promote your business since you are making a connection with your customers.

You know that alsmot all of them are on social media now. When you feature them on your blog they’ll want to make sure that all of their family and friends know about it.

Getting to feature or mention a customer would make them feel cared for, thus increasing the trust to your services. And we all know that when trust is built, good reviews stem from it, and more people will get to know your sincerity and presence.

Blog titles could be like “Customer of the Month: Shannel Smith” or “Customer Stories and Experiences in Breakfast by the Shore.”


6. ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

As the owner, or the blogger, or someone significant in your business, you need to have the inside scoop on what’s coming up in the next few months.

Getting ahead of the special occasions or special seasons makes them prepared on what dishes they could make for themselves or for their loved ones. 

But the thing is, since it happens yearly, most people are already aware on what to prepare that certain occasion. So you’ve got to make your ideas unique and creative. Put on some twists to your ideas and create a really enticing blog title out of it.

You can also not follow the seasonal occasions, you can make your own trend. You can start and make your own signature dish, and not always go with the flow.

Examples could be “3 Unexpected Food Trends For This Summer,” “The New Drink Craze Everybody Will Be Talking About this Christmas” or “This Newly Discovered Ingredient is so Crazy That People Will Also Go Crazy About It.”


It takes less on what you are presenting, but more on how you are presenting it. Care for more promo ideas for your restaurant? We’re one email away! You can schedule a talk or consultation with us here! We’d love to hear from you!




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