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    Authorities Blog Post: 6 Surprising Development Hacks Encouraged Through Los Angeles Service Frontrunnerses

    Managing a business in a dynamic metropolitan area like Los Angles offers a riches of options, as well as discovering to harness those chances and broaden on all of them are going to simply help your business grow. Below, members of the Forbes Los Angeles Company Council discuss a few of the growth hacks and also methods they've uncovered as a company innovator in the city. Their accounts might inspire you to apply these strategies in your own entrepreneurial trip.
    6 Los Angeles business owners share innovative ways they've developed their organisation. Images good behavior of the individual members.
    1. Rely upon Your Network
    It's a timeworn "hack," nevertheless, when you reside in a service-based company, typically it is actually just regarding reminding people what you carry out as [...]
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    5 Of The Best Growth Hacks By The Top SaaS Companies

    This column is authored by Arash Asli, CEO of
    Of all possible hacks, growth hacks reign supreme. Facebook, Uber and AirBnB are just a few of the top companies that were built by growth hacks.
    Some of the top Saas Companies were, too.
    Growth hacking is all about getting as many users as possible by spending as little money as possible and doing so in a way that continues to grow your business over time. Again, they key is to do so without needing to spend much of anything.
    Growth hackers trade away traditional advertising in favour of more innovative (and cheap, self-perpetuating) “hacks.” Growth hacking was once considered a buzzword, but it is clearly here to stay.
    While you have to shell out for the execution, growth hacking is like a gift that keeps on giving.
    Top SaaS [...]
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    18 Specialists Reveal Their Leading Instagram Development Hacks

    It will boost the mutual account's visibility, yet also motivate folks that desire to be actually shared on your account to utilize your hashtag and tag your account. Through utilizing the Instagram DM, Telegram or even Kik applications, you can discover numerous accounts in your certain niche. You can likewise create usage of'powerlikes'from muchmuch larger profiles, if you build a sound partnership with the account proprietors of these 1M+ pages.
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    Promotion on Google – Key to Your Success Online

    The World Wide Web has opened an ever growing new avenue for all businesses and services. If you wish to buy anything, all you need to do is to search for that product online. You shall get the websites of various brands that are selling the product. Then surf for its vendors or traders, look for the best prices and packages offered and order it online. It would be delivered at your doorstep in a day or two. All this is only done from the comfort of your home within a few minutes through your computer. Shopping was never that easy and fun!

    All the companies across the globe now want to enter this global race to woe the customers and make a mark in their minds. For this, they have to place themselves very strategically on the internet. And the right place to do it is now – Google. [...]
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    Getting Your Advertisement On Google

    If you have made the decision that you would like to advertise on the Internet, congrats on opting for one of the best ways to get your message out to the right people so that you could grow your business enterprise, television, broadcast, and newspaper advertising campaigns continue to work, but in case you ignore what is going on on the Internet, you happen to be ignoring an enormous chance to reach more of your target market. A great way to have your business out there will be to place an advertisement on Google. Google possesses an in-depth marketing program which can put your business out there right in front of those more than likely to buy your services or products.

    The critical thing to advertising and marketing with Google is to be familiar with just how their particular [...]
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    Building the Website

    I’m going to recommend the use of WordPress to build the site, just because it’s easy, quick, has pretty decent built-in SEO, and has tons of customization options available for appearance, security, functionality, etc.
    I’m not going to give you a step-by-step guide to building a site with WordPress, because there are thousands of those online already.

    Just search Google or YouTube if you need a tutorial on how to build a site with WordPress. It’s a lot easier than you probably think!
    You’ll need the following:

    A domain name purchased through NameCheap or another registrar
    Hosting purchased through NameCheap, HostGator, or other
    WordPress, free and easy installation often included in hosting
    A WordPress theme, free or paid

    Once you have a basic website built, all [...]
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    Seo Link Building Tips – Rank High On Google With These Link Building Tips

    Individuals might tell you that there are several ways of generating money on the internet and you don’t honestly need to offer with SEO, link building etc. but by cash they mean a couple of bucks here and there. If you are planning on generating a full-time income online, you ought to focus your interest on SEO and arrive up with an excellent SEO link building strategy that functions for you. In this write-up, we will talk about some SEO link building tips that will help you rank high in nearly no time!

    Before we get began, I’d prefer to tell you that no SEO link building strategy will ever work, if you are a quitter! Just like everything else, even SEO link building takes time. So in the event, you don’t see the results in a day or per week, don’t back again out saying that the [...]
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    What ‘s Email Marketing

    Email marketing is the process of incorporating the use of emails in small business marketing strategy. It’s
    mostly the same thing as sending out mailers, newsletters and coupon books through the mail. The only difference with the other forms of marketing is that this marketing strategy occurs through electronic mail. Since most people around the globe use email as a form of communication, it is ideal that you come up with an effective strategy that will see you as a small business owner communicates with your clients via email.

    There are numerous ways that you can use- mail marketing techniques to market your firm as well as your services to your consumers. For instance, you can use this form of marketing to reach potential consumers, or you can use it for marketing your business [...]
  • Okoye  Digital Consultants

    How to Build Trust for Your Website

    There are a whole lot of different aspects that you require to take into account if you desire your website to be as successful as possible. Which of these is crucial all depends upon who you ask but something that we generally understand to be very essential is 'depend on'.


    Google intends to provide its customers with responses. This is just one of its main solutions and if Google cannot deliver this other search engines online-- such as Bing-- to get what they're looking for.But in order for Google to offer answers, it requires to know which websites it can rely on.


    The outcomes pages are not 'curated', suggesting that Google doesn't have a group to really inspect the material. And also that means that it requires to start recognizing sites that deliver [...]
  • Okoye  Digital Consultants

    How Your Business Can Use Win Reviews To Get More Clients

    When they've stopped working to win big quotes, practically every company I've worked for has done regular loss reviews. It was almost a knee-jerk response by management "how can this perhaps have occurred?", despite the truth that the sales group typically knew well beforehand that they weren't going to win. Despite being done relatively hardly ever, the win reviews are much more likely to produce future wins than loss reviews.


    The factor is basic. Loss reviews focus on attempting to recognize the reasons you didn't win-- "mistakes"-- and change them for the next time. In truth, the factors why you do not win are normally much less likely to be fixable mistakes than they are to be fundamental features of your items and your business. Things which are extremely difficult [...]
  • Okoye  Digital Consultants

    Get More Authority By Getting More ratings and Reviews

    Thanks to the Web, anyone in the world can publish content online. It's getting to be a congested space, however, those who have authority will have the ability to construct their brand and increase their revenues more easily.
    Authority at a Glance
    Authority operates on a number of levels. There is domain authority, page authority, and professional authority within your niche.

    Domain Authority-- Domain authority relates to your domain traffic. Is your URL a frequently-visited site that draws in not only brand-new but repeat visitors? Do they check out as soon as they click in?

    Page Authority-- Page authority is frequently measured by online search engine results. Is your page in the leading 10 on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) delivered by Google and other leading [...]
  • Okoye  Digital Consultants

    Facebook Mistakes To Avoid In Your Business In 2019

    Facebook Mistakes To Avoid In Your Business In 2019

    Now that you understand a bit on how you can use Facebook to market your brand name or actually anything, it's time to look at a few of the most common Facebook publishing mistakes that marketers make.
    Too Much Text
    Genuinely appealing content does not have to be three paragraphs long or extremely detailed. Your Facebook posts should be long enough for your readers to grasp the entire idea however brief adequate to easily like or share it. Your post needs to lure individuals to click a link to read the whole of the content.

    Here's a great rule of thumb; follow Twitter's 140 character restriction.

    This will press you to be succinct on your post without compromising on the depth of psychological processing. It's [...]
  • Okoye  Digital Consultants

    3 Email Marketing Campaign Tips

    It's now clear that you understand why your small company should be utilizing email marketing techniques to increase its customer base, boost profits and build brand awareness. However, be aware that if the email marketing strategies are not utilized correctly, they might stop working and your business may wind up bring in huge losses.

    It is thus extremely necessary that you know the appropriate ways to carry out email marketing strategies. This will assist you to prevent alienating your customers. There are 3 essentials which you should solve before you can start to expect your email marketing projects to begin showing outcomes.
    These essentials consist of:
    Creating a list of people who will want to get the message of your service
    Crafting the message so that it's not thought [...]
  • Okoye  Digital Consultants

    Why Is Internet Marketing Important In 2019

    Lots of people question why online marketing is such an important thing. In today's world, you need to make sure that you are getting your name and service in front of people. If you aren't doing this online, you aren't even coming close to your capacity.

    Online Marketing Essential

    You require to understand a few of the fundamentals of online marketing prior to you can simply jump right into it. Getting some books on the subject, or speaking with an expert is always a great concept. You require to comprehend the benefits you can get if you wish to comprehend why online marketing can be so reliable for boosting the bottom line for any business enterprise.

    Discover Where You Can

    There are many books and magazines on the topic that you can explore. Set aside time to do [...]
  • review-sitesBlog

    Why Your Business Should Want More Reviews on Review Sites


    The importance of responding to customers online could not be more prevalent as reviews continue to grow more than ever before. Aside from the fact that reviews from customers help others decide whether they should visit a business or not, reviews are now more prevalent on search results pages—meaning a lot of eyes can see what is being said about your company online.

    The influence that reviews have on shoppers is staggering: more than 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decisions (Webrepublic, 2015). Businesses are told to get more reviews on review websites to keep attracting new customers. With so many review websites out there, where does a business even begin? Your business may be afraid to manage customer reviews on review sites as you may [...]
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    Top 10 Review Websites to Get More Customer Reviews On

    In the table below, U.S. Ranking, % U.S. Traffic and Average Monthly U.S. Traffic (unique visitors) data are sourced from Alexa. Businesses should strive to get business reviews on business review websites that are going concerns, review sites that people know about (and go to) and that are relatively friction-less (sites consumers have log ins or can go in easy to leave a review).

    Review Website
    U.S Alexa Ranking
    Reviews Best For
    Avg. Monthly U.S Traffic
    % U.S Traffic (Total)

    Google My Business
    any business
    158.03 million

    any business
    85.57 million

    e-commerce related
    85.44 million

    any business
    40.47 million

    Trip Advisor
    related to food, restaurant, travel
    28.27 [...]
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    How to Respond to Positive Reviews

    A good or bad reputation can mean the difference between a business thriving and expanding, or closing their doors for good. In the digital age, a business’s reputation is controlled by consumers using online review platforms like Yelp, Google and Facebook to announce the quality of their business publicly. The good news is that this lets businesses easily monitor and manage their online reputation, a power they can put to good use by responding in a timely manner to the reviews they receive.

    While negative reviews often get this most attention, positive reviews are as or more important! It’s important to respond to positive reviews to thank customers for taking the time to review your business and to encourage others to do the same.

    With 92% of consumers reading reviews online, [...]
  • negative-review-repsponseBlog

    How to Respond to Negative Reviews

    Believe it or not, the same premise applies to negative review response as it does to positive reviews. How you respond to a negative review impacts not only the reviewer, but all the sets of eyes that come afterward. Seeing a business handle a particularly challenging review online suggests that management is proud of their business, and willing to go the extra mile to maintain their reputation!

    Make potential clients see the light with these four steps: apologize, promote, get offline, keep it simple.

    How to respond to negative reviews

    Apologize and sympathize
    The first step towards fixing a problem is acknowledging that one occurred. Regardless of what happened, a simple apology and sympathy for your customer’s experience goes a long way.

    So the [...]

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  • Okoye Consultants Online Marketing for Accountants_ How Your Firm Can Use the Web to Build a Steady Stream of New Clients

    Online Marketing for Accountants: How Your Firm Can Use the Web to Build a Steady Stream of New Clients

    A famous line from the flick Field of Desires whispers, "If you construct it, they will come." But when it concerns getting a healthy and balanced portion of net web traffic, many accounting companies discover that merely having a web site isn't the trick.

    While a great website is crucial as an online, today's internet marketing for accounting professionals demands a more thorough program than regurgitating a site as well as forgetting it. You additionally require to understand content marketing, social media advertising and marketing, email advertising and marketing, and also extra. The following tips must help a struggling online marketing plan find new life.
    Internet Marketing for Accountants Starts with a Strategy
    Yes, you require a marketing plan. Equally as an excellent [...]
  • instagram_fi-2

    5 Reasons You Need Instagram for Your Business

    Instagram has entered the territory of “must” rather than “nice-to-have” when it comes to social marketing for businesses. There are a few key reasons why every business should have an Instagram account, and why you’re going to be pretty left out if you don’t get on this social platform.

    1. Skyrocket Your Engagement
    The data shows that Instagram is the #1 platform for getting post engagement.

    That means that if you want to establish a relationship with your client base (which you do), then you’re going to need that post engagement that only Instagram can provide.

    But let’s back it up for a second…

    It’s an interesting time to be involved in social media marketing… Facebook is facing major allegations, and as a result—people are doing crazy things like starting [...]
  • how-to-do-a-local-seo-audit_fi

    How to Perform a Local SEO Audit for Your Business in 12 Steps

    Businesses on page Q2 of the SERP might as well not exist.

    It sounds harsh but it’s simply the reality that we all need to accept.

    You know the drill—you want pizza so you get on your phone and do a search. Google presents its top 3 local options in the “Snack Pack” and 10 other organic results. You pick one make a call or pop in the pizza joint.

    If you’re the local pizza joint, you want and need to appear on the first page for those target keywords. So how do you get them there?

    You’ll need to do a local SEO audit to find out. Here’s how to get it done.

    Step 1: Audit Keywords
    What keywords are you targeting? Step one of your audit should be to determine what you’re currently ranking for and identify any opportunities you might be missing.

    For example, if you’re [...]
  • listingsBlog

    What are Listings and Why Do They Matter?

    Listings are an online summary of essential information for your business that serve as a powerful tool to help customers find you online and in real life. Here’s what you need to know:


    No, we didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard. NAP+W is the acronym that explains all the information that should be included in business listings.

    Phone number

    These four pieces of information are the business listings starter-pack. They provide the basic information potential customers need to have in order to research, contact and locate your business.

    Want to score some major bonus points? Include information like hours of operation in business listings—it’s what consumers are most interested in!

    Will my listings work?
    The effectiveness of a [...]
  • business-listings-accurateBlog (1)

    6 Reasons Your Local Business Listings Need to Be Accurate

    As a business, how likely is it that potential customers will come through your door?
    The whole point of an online presence is to entice customers into your store, your leasing office or your showroom so you can convert them to paying customers rather than just browsers online.

    Further, nothing is more frustrating as a customer than finding out that you have been given the wrong information about where a business is located. As a customer, how likely are you to give this company your business? Not very. In fact, according to Placeable, 73% of consumers stated that they lose trust in a brand when the online listing shows incorrect information.

    1. Missing hours of operation information can be a dealbreaker
    There are many things that people look for in listings, whether they [...]
  • Key-hacks-for-recruiting-Millennials.jpg

    Key hacks for recruiting Millennials

    In the workplace today there are five generations; over 72 upwards (Silence), maturists, veterans and traditionalists, Baby Boomers aged 52-71, Generation X aged 36-50, Millennials, otherwise known as Gen Y aged 19-20 and Gen Z, born late 1990s aged 0-18..ECMA CongressSpeaking at the ECMA Congress (European Carton Makers Association) in Latvia, recently, Henry Rose Lee, speaker on ‘Millennials & Generational issues in the Workplace’, said money is the number one priority for Millennials.According to Manpower Group's 'Millennial Careers 2020 Vision', Millennials are the least loyal in a job because they believe they themselves are an important brand and if they’re not happy they have the right to move on, also the internet has taught them they can be rich entrepreneurs at a young [...]
  • original-3402-1507909340-5.jpg

    GEN Z

    Take out your AirPods for a second. We need to talk.For the past 10 years, my friends and I were the generational stars of the party: They called us millennials, and we were the envy and fascination of the world. Marketers craved our approval, CEOs wanted to hire us, the media fought for our attention, and parents everywhere worried that we were doing sex wrong.It was fun while it lasted. But like a slice of avocado toast left too long in the sun, our cultural relevance has begun to rot. 2017 is the beginning of the end of the millennial era, and we are rapidly ceding influence to you, a group now dubbed Gen Z.Some strange, exhilarating, and awful things are going to happen to you as my aging generation hands over the crown. You will be celebrated and scorned, built up and then torn [...]
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    Millennials Are Old News: What Do Gen Z Workers Want?

    Leaders have spent so much time focusing on how to engage Millennials that most of them forget about Generation Z -- the next wave of people (those born between 1995 and the mid- 2000's) just beginning to enter the workforce.Gen Z is already separating itself from Millennials when it comes to workplace demands. According to Accenture, the number of college graduates in the U.S. wanting to work for large companies rose 37 percent last year. They see the underemployment struggles of their Millennial predecessors and want to avoid that fate.To appeal to a new wave of workers, employers must offer training and skills development opportunities to stand out from other recruiters and continue to attract top talent.How to Appeal to the Next GenerationGen Z is not entirely different from the [...]
  • For Gen Z, Gen Y, Movie Ads Prove The Big Draw 04

    The bigger the better may be a draw for a younger crowd when it comes to video screen advertising. But make it personal as well.In a recent Kantar Millward Brown study, the most positive advertising form for young consumers — Gen Z (born in 1993 onward) and Gen Y (born in 1980 onward) — is cinema advertising.Each of those groups gave cinema a positive 62% experience. When looking at all demo groups overall, the numbers were pretty good for cinema in general — with a 49% approval number. The study also notes that Gen Z numbers are up for mobile video ads in terms of approval versus 2016 — one of only two areas showing gains for any groups. Only billboard/outdoor advertising also showed an uptick versus 2016 — now at 56% for Gen Y.Mobile video seems to have a big future. Still, overall [...]
  • GWI.jpg

    Three differences in how Gen Z and Millennials use social media

    In this post, GlobalWebIndex's Senior Trends Analyst, Katie Young takes a look at the different social media habits of Gen Z (generally considered to be those aged 16-20) and Millennial users (those aged 21-34), and the impact this could have on brand content.As Gen Z begin to garner purchasing power, they are now attracting the type of attention that has long been bestowed on Millennials (Gen Y). While we used to think that Millennials were the social media obsessed ones, Gen Z are taking this to a whole new level, spending longer on it daily than any other generation. But with little separating Gen Zers from the youngest Millennials in terms of age, are there noticeable differences in how these two generations use social media?Gen Z prefer fun content over friends While Millennial [...]
  • Engaging The Peer-Driven Marketplace For Gen Z

    PSFK's Forecast Z report examines Gen Z's interest in a peer-to-peer marketplace and what it means for brands and retailers PSFK Labs 4 january 2018Unlike their Millennial counterparts, we are seeing that Gen Z is more interested in purchasing items from peer-driven marketplaces as opposed to the direct-to-consumer brand model. In our Forecast Z report, PSFK Labs examines the idea of the ‘Human Marketplace’ and how brands can get involved in it instead of having it detract from their business.Gen Z is a talented and optimistic generation. They want to create, and they don’t necessarily see themselves as participating in the traditional workforce as we know it. 50% of Gen Z already perceive themselves as entrepreneurs, while 63% of Gen Z see themselves as influencers. When compared to [...]
  • 7f35c021ce67543edf6737a318e89d15.jpg

    Millennials, Gen Z marginally slower to adopt vision benefits

    Dive Brief:The survey also found that the enrollment breakdown by generation is boomers (84%), Gen Xers (80%), millennials (75%) and Gen Z (50%). Transitions Optical says younger employees' low enrollment in vision care may be because they're unaware of the importance of eye examinations and general vision care. Millennials and Gen Z workers in the survey incorrectly think that eye tests and vision screening performed by primary care physicians include the type of comprehensive eye exams that an eye care specialist would perform.Dive Insight:Like dental care benefits, vision and eye care fall under the umbrella of voluntary benefits which, unlike "mandatory" benefits such as health care, makes engagement a bit trickier. Although voluntary benefits sign ups have risen since 2014, [...]
  • royalwedding.jpg

    Are Millennials Saving Marriage? Divorce Rates Plummet.

    Marriage may be getting a helping hand from an unlikely generation: millennials, who are reportedly causing the divorce rate to plummet by staying married.According to Bloomberg, the latest data shows that Millennials and Generation X are not repeating the Baby Boomer mistakes of marrying, divorcing, and remarrying again. Many are actually "tying the knot at older ages when education, careers and finances are on track," which has resulted in a drop in the divorce rate by 18% between 2008 and 2016.University of Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen says his analysis shows something fundamental has shifted between the generations that could have a ripple effect in the future."The change among young people is particularly striking,” Susan Brown, a sociology professor at Bowling Green [...]
  • mmontage.jpg__300x170_q85_crop_subsampling-2.jpg

    They like email, billboard ads: Surprise! It’s Gen Z

    Members of Gen Z, those born between 1996 and 2010, are a perplexing bunch, as you learned Tuesday from ResearchandMarkets' most recent report on the youngsters. They are just as likely to head to the new restaurant down the street as to order online, for example.Another survey of 22,000 U.S. college students is echoing that somewhat split-brain approach to the digital and physical worlds. Student affinity network — Unidays — partnered with Ad Age to poll 17- to 23-year-old students about their favorite brands and how they engage with them. And we'll just put it this way, restaurant brand communications and marketing teams have their work cut out for them. Take, for instance, survey findings like the fact that these young adults were often more attracted to billboard ads than digital [...]
  • rawImage.jpg

    Millennials Are Old News: What Does Generation Z Want From Work?

    Image of/Image of Millennials Are Old News: What Does Generation Z Want From Work?Experts have dissected millennials to death. We know what they prioritize at work, and we know they prefer experiences over possessions. As millennials turn into managers, however, company leaders must learn to contend with a new generation of employees: Generation Z.According to Pew Research Center, Generation Z refers to anyone born after 1996. Those 22-year-olds are about to graduate, but what makes them different from those who came before?The defining characteristics of Gen ZLike every generation, Generation Z is filled with people who have different preferences and working styles. However, just like every generation before, most share a few commonalities.Novorésumé's research found that, despite [...]
  • newhorizonsdestinations-5-1.jpg

    Top 6 Millennial, Gen Z Travel Trends to view

    From experiential happen to be the rise of Gen Z, a fresh report supplies a amount of updates on six trends reshaping the travel industry. “New Horizons IV: A worldwide study of the youth and student traveler” is founded on the New Horizons Survey, that is conducted by WYSE Travel Confederation every five years. In 2017, the survey attracted a lot more than 57,000 responses from 188 territories and countries. Listed below are updates on six Millennial and Gen Z travel trends from the report:1. Travel SplurgingWhen the brand new Horizons Survey asked millennial and gen Z travelers what these were ready to splurge on throughout their trips, these were clear on the preference for experiential purchases. Thirty-seven percent of respondents were ready to shell out supplemental income for [...]
  • image-2017-09-125.jpg

    Will Millennials EVER Retire? – Happiness Dividend

    As a Generation X advisor who started a little slowly myself, I remember the questions (when I was in my 20s) about whether the “slacker generation” would ever get our lives together. I’m figuring it out, I think Gen X is figuring it out, and I’m not worried about the Millennials. I think we ought to stop judging them (or any generation) so harshly.Every generation chooses their own path. Yes, the cost of living is increasing. Yes, millennials have piles of student loans. Yes, millennials got started in a difficult job environment. But, more millennials are going to live into their 90s. They may get started a little later with their savings, but they will still live long and vibrant lives. They are already redefining work (think of the gig economy) and the ownership of goods (think of [...]
  • Screen-Shot-2018-03-26-at-8.36.46-AM.png

    5 Inspirational Attributes of Gen Z

    If you weren’t in awe of the strength, conviction and vision of the young people leading this past weekend’s March for Our Lives, then you weren’t paying attention.No matter where your beliefs may fall on the political spectrum, designers eager to tap Generation Z as their audience must take notice of the characteristics this young demographic bring to the consumer table.And maybe it’s not about looking at those born between 1996 and 2010 as “consumers.” Instead, given the  following traits of Gen Zers, how and why we design may take on an entirely new and inspirational direction.ConfidenceGeneration Z is poised to put the efforts of the generations before it into real action—and with confidence. The fight for more diversity and representation on the runways and in print has given [...]
  • genzcover.jpg

    How to Win Over Gen Z

    Gen Z diners already outpace all other groups in monthly spending on food prepared outside the home. As their spending power continues to grow, now is the time to work your way into the hearts and minds of Gen Z.Here are 3 ways you can get Gen Z into your restaurant and keep them coming back again and again.Find the Right Social CirclesYou’ve heard over and over that social media is the key to reaching Millennials. Well, the same holds true, but even more so with Gen Z.Gen Z’s media consumption habits are clear and particular: the average Gen Z teen on their phone, and less than an hour a day watching traditional television. And they’re 59 percent more likely than the rest of the population to connect with brands on social media. Want to get your brand in front of today’s average [...]

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