Something that’s useful to cultivate for your social media is to better understand the psychology of sharing. Why do people share? What makes a video go viral? The first thing to recognize here is that no-one can set out with the intention of creating a viral video and be guaranteed success. Some things increase your likelihood of a hit (such as keeping the video shortish and making it funny and/or shocking) but there’s a lot of luck involved and a certain ‘X Factor’ that can’t be quantified.

But by understanding why people share, you can greatly improve your odds. And this basically comes down to remembering the purpose of social media and why people sign up in the first place. First and foremost, people sign up to social media as a form of communication. This is a means of staying in touch with friends and expressing yourself and that means you are very likely to share content if it helps you to do either of those things.

That expression is one VERY big part of this. When we socialize in the real world, a lot of this involves thinking about the image we want to give off and how we want to project ourselves. That’s why we wear certain clothes, buy bling and workout. It’s also why we’re so keen to tell people all about ourselves! That narcissism is even more apparent on social media where most of what we post is about ourselves!

So if you create an online quiz, then you can understand why it is likely to be very successful with people sharing their results! Moreover though, if you create a blog post with a very clear identity that says something about your readers – then people will share that as a way to show that they identify with what you’ve said and this in turn allows them to express themselves in that way.

Make a blog post about vegetarianism and lots of vegetarians will share that content to show that that’s who they are and that that’s a part of them. Post about why it’s finally time that you got in the gym and people who feel the same will want to share it (remember how we said that people feel like sharing their goals is the first step in achieving them?). Post about the amusing aspects of working from home and if your readers associate with you, they’ll share it!

The other reason someone might share this content is to show they’re thinking of someone and to show that they understand them. Again, this is why it’s such a good idea to post with a very specific target audience in mind and not to try to cater to everyone! If you write a post about the health benefits of knitting, then you’ll find that people share it with their friends if they know that their friends like to knit. Try to trigger the ‘Ooh, John will like that!’ effect.

Make Great Quality Posts

All these only works though if you make your posts excellent quality. Your post title can be as on-point as you like but that will only take you so far if your content is poor. If your friend tagged you in a post and you read it only to find that it was poorly spelled and very dull, you’d likely just be annoyed at them!

So make sure that your content is excellent quality and that means not only in terms of the subject matter and offering value but also in terms of the way it is written and even the way it is presented. Great content is long, in-depth and filled with useful takeaways. It uses well-written, error-free copy and it is made to be engaging and instantly gripping. If you don’t have the writing skills to deliver on that, then you either need to cultivate them, or you need to hire someone who can do it for you.


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Creating Blog Posts


Once you have your blog and you’ve given it a look and navigation you’re proud of, the next step is to start writing blog posts. This is very important as it’s what will give your site its value and it’s what will encourage people to want to visit your site and hope to come back time and time again. The problem though is going to be standing out in a sea of content from other websites and blogs.

To do this, you need to focus on offering something that is very high quality and that is consistently offering value.
As we’ll see later on, this is also good for your SEO. The key to remember is that someone has to want to read your content based on the title and based on their previous experience with your site and brand. If you constantly churn out content that is uninspired, derivative or badly written then no one is going to bother to visit.

This is why the ‘optimal length’ for a blog post is actually around 1,800 words. That might seem a bit long but this kind of length is what will enable you to really dive into a topic and to offer some insight and discussion that can’t be found elsewhere. It lets you do a comprehensive overview of a subject and it lets you make your blog post into a resource that other people will recommend and share around the net.

Meanwhile, you also need to think about the title and the topic. If you are writing another article called ‘Top 10 Pec Exercises’ for your fitness website, then you aren’t likely to win over any new fans. Why? Because this subject and structure have both been done to death already!

People read the title and already know precisely what your post will be about and they’ve probably already seen the top ten exercises you’re going to offer. How is that providing value? On the other hand, consider the topics/titles from Maria Popova’s incredible
‘Brain Pickings’ ( website.

Here are a few:

“Bruce Lee on Self-Actualization and the Crucial Difference Between Pride and Self Esteem”

“The Outsider With the Public Voice: How Joan Didion Mirrored Us Back to Ourselves”

“A year Without Mom: A Gorgeous Graphic Novel About Separation and Reunion, the End of Childhood and the Tradeoffs of Happiness”

These titles are unique, fascinating and they beg to be read. What’s more, is that when you click on any of those titles, you quickly find that the same care and attention has been given to the posts themselves. Each blog post is between 1-3,000 words long, it is decorated by beautiful images and quotes and it is very well written. In other words, it’s offering real value for the reader and giving them something to enjoy over a cup of coffee.

How much more likely do you think that something like this is to generate discussion? Or to get shared? And how much more likely is someone to subscribe to that blog? It’s just so far superior when compared to an article on ‘The Top 10 Pec Exercises’. Of course, this doesn’t mean all your posts need to be highly thought-provoking philosophical pieces – they just need to be unique, inherently interesting and different.

If it’s the fitness niche you’re interested in, then consider some of these titles from Breaking Muscle (

“World-Level Weightlifters Are Just Like Us”

“The One-Session, One-Exercise, One-Set Strength Plan”

“So, You Want to be a Lion?”

Again, all of these titles are interesting and unique and the posts are long, in-depth and provide tons of value. T-Nation ( also does this very well:

“Iron Core: How to Build a Punch-Proof Body”

“A Lifter’s Guide to Alcohol”

You can even consider the ‘clickbait’ articles used to generate traffic via social media. These articles use titles like ‘You’ll Never Believe What This Mum Does Next Shocking!” or they employ controversy. Either way, this makes the user curious and they want to click. You’re objective is to generate that same curiosity but then to deliver on the promise in the title by making sure your posts are actually as interesting and unique as they sound.

And keep in mind too that the point is eventually to convert your visitors into paying customers. To do that you need to gain their trust and you need to demonstrate your ability to provide value. Once again, the best strategy is clearly to create content that is interesting, unique and in-depth. SEO and Other Ways to Market a Blog So as an internet marketer, you’re using your blog in order to sell products of various descriptions, in order to generate clicks or otherwise to drive people to your business model.

So you’re using your blog as a marketing tool. But in order to do that, you need to market the blog itself as well.
One way you’ll do this no doubt is through SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO essentially allows you to promote your website through Google by ‘optimizing’ it for search. One way you do this is by adding lots of content to your blog, as this is what people will be searching for when they type something in.

At the same time, you want to make sure that it’s the right people who are finding you and that means that you should be including the important ‘keywords’ right in your content: phrases that people will likely search in order to find what it is that you’re offering. So if you sell hats, then your ‘keyword’ might be ‘buy hats online’. You don’t
want to repeat this phrase too often as it will make your site look like spam and it may get blacklisted.

Instead then, aim to incorporate around 1-2% keyword density and to write naturally ‘around’ the subject as well. Posting lots of content is also a good move as is ensuring that your site loads quickly and works well on mobile – Google takes all these things into account. The other aspect of SEO is building a ‘backlink profile’.

That means making sure that there are lots of websites out there that are linking to you – and that those websites are relevant and high quality. Other ways you can promote your website include building a large following on social media (once again, the key to success here is to make sure you’re providing vale) and to build a big mailing list so you can keep people coming back.

Likewise, for posting content to sites like Instagram, it can really pay to learn how to create great quality photos. That means you should be able to create photos that tell a story, sell a dream and make people instantly want to click on them and open them from the thumbnail alone.

A good starting tip is of course to invest in a better camera. This is going to instantly give you much better-looking shots and also create more options as you can take photos in lower light, or adjust things such as the focus so that you can blur out the background. All these things will help you to build a bigger audience while also creating a more professional look and feel for your social media accounts that will bring in more followers.

Some more tips:

Think about lighting – Rembrandt lighting is best which means that you’re lighting your subjects from the side rather than head-on which creates ‘flat lighting’


Think about composition – Your images should have a sense of depth, which can be achieved by having elements in the foreground, middle ground and background. Another tip is to have something that leads from the foreground to the background, such as a pavement or a road.


Tell a story – Don’t always make your subject obvious. Instead of taking a photo of a party, try photographing the aftermath of the party, or an empty glass with confetti around it. This tells the audience more and creates a much more artistic shot.


All this can be a lot of work and especially when you consider that you’re trying to get your content onto all those different social media accounts and keep up regular posting. It’s for these reasons that it can be a good idea to automate some of the process by using tools like IFTTT (If This Then That at or Hootsuite (

These allow you to schedule posts, or to post the same message to multiple different accounts at once rather than just the one. That means that you’ll never go a long period with no new posts on your sites – but it’s not an excuse not to ever engage with your visitors manually or to create your own content from scratch.

Cultivate True Fans

All of this should be practiced with a single end in mind: to create not just social media followers but true fans. Your aim is to make people passionate about your brand. Don’t think about quantity, think about quality.

In turn, you’ll get a higher quality of fan – people who appreciate the work you’re putting in, your original and unique content and your clear vision. And as the article of the same name says, all you really need is 1,000 true fans and you’ll find that your brand grows exponentially from there!


Introducing Instagram

Instagram is characterized as being Twitter with images. To say that’s all there is to Instagram would be amiss. Instagram is an incredibly powerful tool. A fabulously diverse platform and it deserves an essential place in every internet marketing campaign. Instagram has furthered its capabilities with its stories function. Instagram now is an indispensable and highly used tool for engaging with your audience and establishing authority. Instagram gives you a  powerful opportunity to allow your fans to feel like they’re part of your brand. This video series will be taking a comprehensive look at Instagram and how you can benefit from their most current features. Learn how to amass trust and influence in abundance and have an influential impact on your fans and followers. We’ll be examining Instagram stories, and you’ll see why it’s an incredibly valuable addition from a marketing perspective and why to start using it right away.


In most internet marketing campaigns, if you have an ebook or a blog to promote, there’s a good chance you’ll have thought about your SEO and how you’re going to dominate Facebook, but won’t it do much considering how you’re going to kill it on Instagram. You’ll only need to take a look at how other brands are treating Instagram to see why it’s such a big deal. You’ll also find that a lot of money is spent on Instagram, and many individuals have managed to make a full time living on Instagram by getting high paying sponsors and brands that are willing to support channels. Instagram is not only impressive because of its numbers but also in the engagement.  A picture says a thousand words, add some filters, and your count goes up big-time. While you might not think of Instagram as one of the leading social media channels, think again, Instagram has an incredible 500 million active monthly users that makes it the second-largest social media platform just behind Facebook. It’s bigger than Twitter and is growing faster than the majority of other platforms. 

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The World Wide Web has opened an ever growing new avenue for all businesses and services. If you wish to buy anything, all you need to do is to search for that product online. You shall get the websites of various brands that are selling the product. Then surf for its vendors or traders, look for the best prices and packages offered and order it online. It would be delivered at your doorstep in a day or two. All this is only done from the comfort of your home within a few minutes through your computer. Shopping was never that easy and fun!

All the companies across the globe now want to enter this global race to woe the customers and make a mark in their minds. For this, they have to place themselves very strategically on the internet. And the right place to do it is now – Google. It is one of the most used search engines in over 160 countries. The statistics show that almost 70% of the consumers use it. The other famous choices are Yahoo and MSN, but they only have a consumer share of around 20%.

This explains why Google advertising is so important, and the preferred option for top-ranked business houses. Identifying the opportunity, the company itself offers many Google packages. They are the best place to invest to enjoy cost-effective advertising online.

Many companies help you get a good rank in the Google rating. That procedure is known as SEO, that is, Search Engine Optimization. In this process, your company gets a relatively higher rank in the search results conducted o Google. So all the companies that claim to make you a best seller online, they also ultimately target for active Google promotion of your company. Then why not bank on the best, rather than hunting elsewhere.

These packages also help you plan better ways to have instant and effective online advertising. Also, this is one company that you can trust and bank upon. If you check online to read the reviews of the people who have used this service, you shall get to read only praises. Most of the users say that their business almost doubled after taking up this package.

You can know the details about such services online. The language in which the makers explain them is quite easy and straightforward to understand. Even those who are not technically upgraded, they would be able to understand the whole thing quite correctly. Then for any further guidance, you can mail the company or talk to their representative online. The online chat is available 24×7. Google, now being a global brand, has representatives who speak many languages. You can talk to them in your native jargon to make the discussion much more understood and transparent.

The best part is that they give you many economic packages. You can start with the lower packs and then upgrade the package later on.

If you have made the decision that you would like to advertise on the Internet, congrats on opting for one of the best ways to get your message out to the right people so that you could grow your business enterprise, television, broadcast, and newspaper advertising campaigns continue to work, but in case you ignore what is going on on the Internet, you happen to be ignoring an enormous chance to reach more of your target market. A great way to have your business out there will be to place an advertisement on Google. Google possesses an in-depth marketing program which can put your business out there right in front of those more than likely to buy your services or products.

The critical thing to advertising and marketing with Google is to be familiar with just how their particular program works. This service revolves around what individuals are searching for. This means a specific customer for your ads, and you need not to pay if the advertisements hit the incorrect individuals. Google Adsense is a program that may make use of to place ads on their webpages. These advertisements can be yours. You won’t have to pay for your ad, in most situations, except when someone clicks on it to go to your website, or if they buy a product from you. This means you pay for an ad on Google that works.

Your advertisement on Google might appear as a small text advertisement along the side of a weblog or a website. This may not appear like a lot. However, it is more powerful than you may think. Your advertisement would only be on sites and articles which are relevant to what you are offering. Google accomplishes this by simply indexing the contents on all websites which are in the Adsense program. They do know exactly what sites are talking about what subjects, and they can put your advertisement precisely where it needs to be so that you reach the most significant share of potential clients with little to no work on your part.

To understand precisely how it works, you need to think of finding content material related to your business online. Google does that for you. In case you have a wedding shop, for instance, the customers you need to get to are ones who are having a wedding. Your ad on Google is going to be put near articles which brides and would-be grooms will probably be browsing out the most. Count on that your advertisement on Google is going to be near content articles about bridal gowns, bridal dress add-ons, as well as other wedding related content. This is about as targeted an advertising and marketing campaign as you can get.

What your advertisement on Google costs would depend on you. You have a spending budget so you could take that number and find out exactly what Google could offer you for that money. If you want to pay when someone clicks on an advertisement (remember, even if they do not purchase right then, they can bookmark you and come back in the future), you can have it that you only pay if someone places an order through that link within a certain amount of time. The program is quite versatile, so go sign up and discover what suits your financial budget and your necessities.

Facebook Mistakes To Avoid In Your Business In 2019


Now that you understand a bit on how you can use Facebook to market your brand name or actually anything, it’s time to look at a few of the most common Facebook publishing mistakes that marketers make.

Too Much Text

Genuinely appealing content does not have to be three paragraphs long or extremely detailed. Your Facebook posts should be long enough for your readers to grasp the entire idea however brief adequate to easily like or share it. Your post needs to lure individuals to click a link to read the whole of the content.

Here’s a great rule of thumb; follow Twitter’s 140 character restriction.

This will press you to be succinct on your post without compromising on the depth of psychological processing. It’s usually great to never ever go beyond about 300 characters in a post.

Do Not Post The Whole Blog Site Article

Too much information may ruin your post. Write just a summary of what’s on your website or on your blog site. Your post ought to interest your audience’s senses. Rather, than distribute the entire material of your blog post, get your reader’s attention by using their feelings. Associate your post with feelings that add an emotional worth to your readers, this is simply one fantastic method to tempt them into clicking your call to action for more information.

Multiple Links

Each Facebook post need to just have one essential message or a “call-to-action” to effectively provide your message to your users. Supplying a number of call-to-action’s will just confuse your audience and make it harder for them to digest the post. It makes them feel obligated instead of appreciated. In the end, your post will just be really engaging if it inspires the reader to do something about it.

Subsequently, having too many links would just result in an unfavourable influence on your “page click rate” or the portion of people visiting a web page through clicking a link.

Directly Promoting Your Company

People are tired of advertisements that compel unneeded cost. Most of the time, people using Facebook for the first time tend to treat the Facebook community as an opportunity for direct sales. They try to deploy the same traditional marketing such as leaflets and print advertisements and ultimately lose increasingly more of their faithful clients. Preferably, your post ought to exclusively benefit your service but in the Facebook period, marketing dictates the unconventional way.

In other words, your Facebook posts should show a genuine issue to your client’s requirements by offering some worth for users, either in the form of home entertainment or important info.

Not Keeping Your Audience Engaged

In the Facebook world nothing is sculpted in stone. Whatever can change in a breeze of a finger. Your post may have gone viral today however you might discover yourself having a hard time by tomorrow. The real test is how to remain on top of positive development and the only way to sustain your reliability is to keep your following constantly engaged. You should monitor your posts and the level of engagement it gets regularly, this will assist to direct you in enhancing your future activities.

Secondly, keep in mind that every comment deserves a reply. You always want an excellent discussion going. On the contrary, if you ignore the remarks, this will make people feel unappreciated and also affect any future commenters. This also affects negative comments as well. You need to timely address negative comments to avoid any ill will among your clients or other’s who may see the comment. Utilize this as a chance to discuss your side of the story and to validate your actions.

Pleading for Likes and Shares

Facebook marketing is not an election project. Stop asking individuals to like and share your Facebook posts, and especially your Facebook Page. This comes across as begging and would definitely turn most people off. Discover some imaginative and distinct ideas that will boost interest among your viewers rather of directly asking for it.

You can also provide a type of reward to improve the level of engagement as well as to boost Facebook exposure, as discussed previously.

Instagram has entered the territory of “must” rather than “nice-to-have” when it comes to social marketing for businesses. There are a few key reasons why every business should have an Instagram account, and why you’re going to be pretty left out if you don’t get on this social platform.

1. Skyrocket Your Engagement

The data shows that Instagram is the #1 platform for getting post engagement.

That means that if you want to establish a relationship with your client base (which you do), then you’re going to need that post engagement that only Instagram can provide.

But let’s back it up for a second…

It’s an interesting time to be involved in social media marketing… Facebook is facing major allegations, and as a result—people are doing crazy things like starting movements to delete their Facebook accounts… (For my sake, and the sake of your distant relatives, please do not delete your facebook). As much as internet trolls might have you think that it’s the social media Armageddon, I assure you that life will go on.

It might be looking a little overcast in the internet landscape, but before we pack our bags —there’s still some hope. Facebook’s more charismatic and adopted little brother (Instagram) still has users entranced with its purity and boasts a pristine opportunity for brands who are ready to stir up the marketing pot.

Now, Instagram is the #1 platform for post engagement because its focus on visual content creates a very unique space for brands to interact with others—and if you’re a skeptic, the numbers don’t lie. According to a study conducted by Forrester, Facebook and Twitter organic post engagement levels are currently less than 0.1%. In comparison, the millennial-centric Instagram boasts regular engagement at 4% for brands. (That’s 40x better btw).

instagram stats

2. Grow Your Following with Ease

80 percent of Instagram accounts already follow a business on Instagram, and 65% of top-performing posts feature products. The translation here is obvious, Instagrammers want to see branded content, and they want to connect with brands.

Add the engagement levels for brands (4%) that we just saw and we have the optimal landscape for growing your branded following on this platform.

3. Generate Leads

Instagram is a tool for lead generation.

We know that social media strongly influences purchase decisions, even if that is at the subconscious level of the consumer decision-making process.

It’s 2018, and our favorite lead generation tool (Facebook) is making algorithm changes that are making it harder for brands to get heard. With engagement rates already resting around the 0.1% mark, it just might be the ideal time to expand your reach to include some Instagram marketing.

With Instagram, 60% of users have first heard of a product or service through the platform, and over 120 million Instagram users visited a website, got directions, or called/emailed/direct messaged a business as a result of their engagement with the platform (sproutsocial). That means that 120 million Instagrammers have been lead to a business through the platform.

You can easily use Instagram to generate new business and sales with strategic content and links in your bio, as well as reach new targeted and engaged audiences through paid ad campaigns through the Facebook ad platform.

4. Stay On Top of “Instagram Reviews”

A little-known fact is that when an Instagram user posts something on Instagram and uses a location tag, this tag isn’t owned or regulated by the business that owns the physical location. All location tags on Instagram, or “Instagram Geotags”,” are tied to a separate public account that Instagram will store posts under.

Instagram Reviews

For businesses, this is a blessing and a curse.

Best Case Scenario:

Say you own a local restaurant and you have numerous dedicated and consistent customers who love to post at your restaurant and have nothing but glowing words to accompany beautiful pictures of your space. When others look at your location on Instagram, this is what they see, and they are that much more likely to convert and become loyal customers as well.

Worst Case Scenario:

You own the same local restaurant, but one dissatisfied customer took it upon themselves to post a picture of your front door exclaiming their disgust with the service that they received. This post has lingered on the web and likely dissuaded other customers from posting to the location, and has resulted in the loss of unknown amounts of revenue through prospects who steered away from your business as a result.

Although you have no control over the things that users might be saying about your brand (much like standard reviews), you can still help mitigate some possible damages by having a branded Instagram account and monitoring the posts on your location. Much like negative reviews left on other review platforms, by responding to negative Instagram posts, you are much more likely to prevent harm to your reputation.

5. Don’t Get Left Behind

As of 2017, nearly 71% of businesses in the United States were already using Instagram. The release of Instagram business profiles and the ability to to run ads/analytics with ease have been large factors in driving the Instagram growth movement.

business instagram use
Source: eMarketer

You may notice that this looks like an exponential growth graph, and that’s probably because it is. Fortunately for you, just because 71% of these businesses are using Instagram doesn’t mean that these businesses are using it to its full potential.

We can make a pretty good estimate as to where this usage rate is going to reside by the end of 2018, so don’t get left behind.

Don’t wait, get started on your Instagram strategy today to generate new leads, amplify your brand, and build a new business!