Hashtags Aren’t Trash Tags!

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I once thought hashtags are just accents that make your post a lot cooler.

But I had no idea how important these are not just in the marketing world, but in all happenings online.


We give credit to the man named Chris Messina, who started this phenomenal “invention” that boosted a lot of businesses and media attention across countries and broke boundaries. #amazing #bigbrain


A hashtag is a label used in a post on social media platforms that make it easier and time-saving to find other posts with relevant and similar theme content.

With that definition alone, we can already figure out why hashtags are very significant to the digital marketing area.

But let’s just be direct to the point…


How can hashtags help market your brand?

1. Findability

Searching a hashtag filters results for each post using the same hashtag. Using a hashtag helps you reach your target audience, and likewise makes it easier for others to find your information.

If I were to find specific articles about spaghetti, some hashtags would be, of course, #spaghetti and like #pasta #italian #cuisine.

When you want to spread your blog across Twitter, for example, a good strategy would be putting hashtags related to the audience; you want the blog to be distributed. Say, your blogs are about make-up and cosmetics, and your target audience would reveal to the hashtags like #women #makeupartists #models #influencers

or themes like #palette #pink #coral #lipstick.


Remember that people tend to search what they’re interested in, and this is the part where hashtags help the people find you. 

Once they see your post using the hashtag, chances are they get to have longer attention to your post and can win them over as your customer or client. But we can’t always stick to that assurance. Marketing should always have plan B’s and should always be open to failure with the intent to experiment with what works and what doesn’t.

What’s good about hashtags is that you can see what hashtag is trending, and the reason behind it. With this, you can create content related to the trends and apply the same hashtag when you post it. In that way, you can generate more interaction with your audience.


2. Exclusivity

Now, this is where you establish your brand. Your hashtags should be unique so that when they look for that hashtag, all of the resulting posts appear to be your posts and not other else’s.

With a unique hashtag, people can also use it, and your marketing, not just your hashtag, evolves with time. This increases awareness and engagement with your audience.

One thing about being exclusive with your hashtag is that it needs to be consistent.

You mustn’t change your hashtag daily! Your audience might get confused, and they’ll think it’s a different one from the previous one.

Create your own hashtag and value it as your identity.



1. Do not put so many hashtags as it is unprofessional to look at. But if you could look at Instagram, posts of personal profiles have loads of hashtags in their captions. That is because it is a personal profile. In business, hashtags should be at most 5, and these hashtags should be short and concise enough to be easier to find.

2. Do not include symbols in your hashtags as these invalidate and destroy the hashtag. Only letters and numbers are identified. 

3. Do not put irrelevant hashtags. Of course, you know this.


Hashtags are essential, even if it just dwells on the awareness part of your marketing. But we all know that awareness is the first part of a buyer’s journey. Without awareness, the buyer will never know you existed. Make it possible with the hashtags!


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