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How to Maximize Social Media to Market Restaurant During Covid-19

How to Maximize Social Media to Market Restaurant During Covid-19


Social media has turned into one of the best methods to keep contact with your clients as restaurants’ guidelines keep on changing because of the news during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the updates in your operations such as service hours, takeout and delivery, and sanitary protocols, customers are best informed using social media.

Here are the best practices you must try when marketing your restaurant on social media during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Actively Share your Voice in your Community

COVID-19 has successfully portrayed the saying: No man is an island. It proved that we all need each other for survival. Your dining establishment is a crucial member of the community, and it needs to be transparent and sincere. According to Edelman’s research, 65% of surveyors will only patronize brands that are socially accountable at this time.

Restaurants that expend every possible effort to support their clients, health centers, food banks, etc. are the ones that will prosper throughout these challenging times. If you need financial assistance, be truthful and open on social media, and your neighborhood may provide you aid. A recent example of this is the statement of Vesuvio’s closure in Toronto.

Invest in your Content

Investing in content doesn’t necessarily mean hiring professional photographers and videographers. The most important investment you can put in will be your time. You’ll need plenty of images and videos of your food for Instagram posts along with captions about your takeout and delivery deals. You can likewise employ a graphic designer to create posts and banners remotely. For tech-savvy people, you can start Live video series on your social media showing people how to make your meals at home. Content is key!

Make The Most Of Facebook and Instagram Ads

If you can manage to spend some marketing dollars on social media, we recommend you do so. As low as $50/week makes much difference on Facebook and Instagram through ‘Boosts.’ 

Because of Covid-19, Facebook and Instagram have seen a decline from prominent marketers. This has actually resulted in more budget-friendly advertising space and an excellent method for you to get the best bang for your dollar.

Use Instagram as a Market

If you use Instagram as a company account and have an e-commerce site, you can post photos of your food that link straight to the product’s webpage where potential consumers can buy them.

If you don’t do e-commerce sales and merely rely on delivery apps, you can set up a clickable Uber Consumes or DoorDash link as your website in your Profile. This will make it easier for your consumers to purchase!

Instagram also recently launched the ‘Order’ button for stories which can be linked out to a third-party app for smooth customer transaction.

Expand Your Network with Influencers

Offer local food influencers free meals or gift cards in exchange for an Instagram post that highlights your food and offerings. Get along and be transparent!

If they like you, they’re generally prepared to help local companies throughout these difficult times. Although we don’t know when this will end, we hope these examinations and suggestions will help relieve a few of the results on Canada’s restaurants.

If you have questions on managing multiple social media accounts at one time, contact us here! We are glad to help you!

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