Reputation Management: Realizing Real Estate

Online reputation can be–no–IS REALLY a big deal nowadays where everybody turns to the online world. Real estate is not an exemption. Well, everything and everybody should be cautious about their reputation.

Data from the National Association of Realtors shows 87% of buyers uses a real estate agent to purchase their home. Also, 93% of consumers went online for their primary source of information when looking for a home.

Do you know the power of online reviews? It can make or break a goal.

As to real estate, buyers already realize that they just don’t depend on their agents, but understand the power they have in their hands. That is, to conduct online research by utilizing customer reviews to pick their own agent who will help them buy the house they’re longing for.

On the shoes of real estate agencies, it’s a challenge for them to maintain a favourable reputation to the buyers through online reviews.


How much weight does a review carry for real estate agencies?



1. Reputation, of course.

For a real estate agency (or other agencies and companies) to stand out among the crowd and stand out among its competitors is to advance in online reviews for a favourable reputation. 

The more reviews, the more excellent the reputation is (of course, if it’s the positive reviews that dominate over the negative reviews). Everything stems out from an agency’s reputation. Going online and making a decision has already altered what natural science can do. Instead of using the brain to decide, it’s the online reviews that settle for them!

That’s how crucial online is. Now what agencies have to do is never to forget to request for a review from a client. One of the most popular methods is through email. would say that 70% of reviews come from emails. 

Another option is to send a quick SMS message with a link to a client to leave feedback on a particular review site.  Creating these emails and SMS messages for each new client can be time-consuming and effortful, which is why it is vital to invest in a company that has excellent reputation management skills. You can contact us by clicking this!



2. Referrals

Statistics show that 90% of buyers use their real estate agent again in the future or refer them to others. BUT  although personal reviews carry as much significance with that of the online reviews, clients will trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations only if there are multiple reviews left by customers. Which goes back to point number one.

Given the right amount of reviews, agents will get an overall rating. According to, consumers are looking for 112 reviews on average to determine if the total score is authentic.


Whether if it’s an online or personal review, people are easily influenced by negative reviews when it comes to decision making. Specifically, over 94% of customers said a negative review convinced them to avoid that business.

If then, a negative review has the power to do that, then it is a crucial thing to maintain a good image at all times. However, sometimes that is impossible because there will always be factors that will want to harm your business–not to mention envy alone can kill.

Showing off your real estate agent reviews increases your online reputation management efforts. With that increase, potential home buyers looking for an agent will eventually get convinced to hire your services.

Buyers get to look closely into the profile of their agents because a property isn’t a joke, but a significant purchase. It’s as heavy as achieving a lifetime dream. For this reason, clients want to work with someone they can trust. 


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