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Restaurant Marketing during COVID-19: Investing in Content

Maintaining a food business can be really hard, most especially when at a crisis like this; how can you stand out among all the other competitors?

Since almost everyone is focusing on their gadgets now and rapidly scrolling down their screens, how can you grab their attention and make them stare on your posts for a little longer?

One of the essential factors in good social media marketing is CONTENT.

Content is not all about what’s inside, but how it’s put inside.


Investing in content doesn’t necessarily mean hiring professional photographers and videographers. The most important investment you can put in will be your time.

Since we’re getting attention from the people, first impressions should always last, and by that, I mean, FLAUNT YOUR VISUALS. Your content must include:

1. Photos. Lots of them. If possible, present them with an image of each of your products listed on your online menu. Make them as stunning as possible.

2. Videos. Since people nowadays have visual learning memories, you can convert your written content into videos instead. Additionally, there’s having a video on your products or services often has the impression of being “professional” and “legitimate.”


Your postings should also be consistent on social media. Thus, you need:

3. Good graphic design postings. Don’t pressure yourself on creating “really good” and colourful postings. Stick to your theme, to the vibe of your service/company.

4. Well-written captions. Some people are not caught by the image but are caught by the caption. Since we cannot generalize that all are now onto visual learning, we must consider that some still appreciate and enjoy the presence and comfort of words. For the right balance, a good image must be partnered with well-written captions to make your post even more engaging.


Now, if you still prefer interacting live with your clients or customers, you can always choose to go live with either of the following:


b. YouTube

c. Facebook Live

These three platforms are widely known to reach a good number of audiences, especially when you have established your brand in either of these.

If you think that live streaming might be a good idea since it is the most interactive of all, then that’s precisely what your competitors think too. So it all boils down on what content shall you do in your live streams? What about showing them how to cook your meals at home, or initiating a webinar for kitchen basics? The more unique you are, the more engaging your flow would be.


So you see that it is the content that pumps life to your business, now that it’s online. Even though you think you have the best taco in town, when you’re not marketing it on social media and refuse to invest in your content, then you’ll get behind with your competitors.



Since social media is the central marketplace of all businesses today, it might stress you out a little bit because of the sudden shift. But no worries, we’ve got the best solution for you! We’re giving out a social media tool JUST FOR YOU, AND IT’S COMPLETELY FREE. Claim it here now!

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