Restaurant Reputation: Eating Up the Negatives

People get wiser for each generation. The advancement of technology creates access to any information in just a few clicks within their hands–anywhere, anytime!

With that being said, most people do not just go wherever they want to go on-the-spot or immediately without having prior knowledge about the place and services in that place.

This happens every time we hear the name of a food place for the very first time. Now people won’t just say “let’s go there” without doing a little dig on the area or without having his/her friend’s recommendation to go there.

Restaurants are highly competitive now, most notably in this pandemic where almost all struggle to out and buy some groceries to cook their own meals. The competition continues to heat up because, to be honest, THERE ARE MANY CHOICES OUT THERE.

The question is, how do you get the people to choose your restaurant? How do you make sure they aren’t going to be choosing your other competitors?

This is where the significance of a business’ reputation is highlighted.

If you have read the previous blog on Reputation Management (if not, click here), it stated that a business’ reputation is a crucial factor in the decision-making process of a customer, a client, an employee, and potential investors.


FLAVOR & FAVOR: The factors considered for a good restaurant reputation


It’s common sense that a food business’s goal is to deliver good food for the people. Food is the primary factor in building a good reputation.

Have you ever heard somebody say, “It’s too hot in here, but the food’s excellent,” or “the food’s worth the wait!” ?

Having a satisfied tummy is already enough to earn a useful review, BUT! Aiming for that 5-star rating and good feedback from the people is topnotch!



Don’t even think of tolerating food degradation and just put all efforts on the customer service. Service might be secondary to food, but it’s always essential. Make the customers comfortable, tolerate their orders, and of course, don’t make them wait for a very long time.

Don’t be the reason for their appetite loss!

Let the customers be in your favour. What is good food when they don’t enjoy your company around them? Always avoid ending with a dispute with a customer; it could damage their perception of your business forever. We’re not dealing with just one person here; we’re also dealing with the witnesses of the incident and his/her friends where he/she could tell her experience to. The worst-case scenario would be when he/she would post her unfavourable experience on social media where everyone on the digital platform can see it.



Before going to the place, always remember that customers have their expectations with them. They’ll hold on to the words of recommendation from their friends, and they’ll trust the online reviews. They’re expecting to see how the food is presented on their plates as like how they’re displayed on advertisements.

Expectations can get really high. The challenge is to match their expectations or beat it even! The customer’s level of expectations is manifested through their experience.

Will their experience be the same as their expectations?

We can do an equation for that:

  1.  Expectations > Experience
    When expectations are higher than their experience, then it could be considered as bad feedback. Their experience should justify expectations! 
  2. Expectations = Experience
    Now, this generates good feedback. The fact that the food, the service, the ambiance, and everything else match with the expectations of the customer, then there’s a very high chance you’ll get that five stars!
  3. Expectations < Experience
    This is what we’re talking about. The customers have their own level of expectation in mind, but here you are taking them to the NEXT level. It should always be a standard mindset to beat the customer’s expectations.

How to handle the negatives

The thing about food is that not all people have the same take on pineapples on pizza or raisins in bread. Food preference is very biased, consider the allergens and diet plans too. Not all people will like your food; you have to accept that. What’s essential is that you cook your food with quality, you serve the customers with quality, and assuredly your ratings, reviews, and feedback will also be of quality.


If you feel like you’re already doing your best in everything out of your food and service but still would like some help, please do not hesitate to contact us at or schedule an appointment with us by clicking here!


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