Satisfying Cravings: What Can Facebook Do?

More than 1 billion of the population of the world are on Facebook, and you still stick to not marketing your business online?

Having a restaurant or food business can be as hard as it gets. I mean, there are food businesses E V E R Y W H E R E. This is competition at its ultimate. 

Not to mention the difficulty in choosing where to eat is just but a manifestation that there are numerous food chains around you. How do you stand out among the rest? How do you know they’re going to choose you? Oh but wait for a second, do they even know you exist?


If you’re looking for a platform to market your food brand, the first social media platform consideration should be Facebook. Facebook stands out among all other social media platforms in terms of the number of users who open it every day. 

In Facebook, information dissemination is super fast. You do a re-opening and post a photo about it on Facebook, the next thing you know is that your friends are already there!


How can you benefit from Facebook?

1. Presence

People know that you exist, and that’s already a big deal. Once they get to know you exist, you can become one of the potential choices added in their food list once they get to decide where to eat the next time.

But before anything else, create your own page. It needs to be the official profile where you post all of the postings related to your restaurant. Do not ever talk about dinosaurs or Napoleon Bonaparte there. Stay relevant to what your service, and to what your business is all about.

Once you create your own profile, everything starts there. You can do whatever you want with it, post pictures, post videos, do a my day video. 

Just the thing is, let the people you exist and that you’re here on the same platform with them.


2. Progress

Consistency is the key to progress. If you want to progress, you need to be active. You need to be persistent. Keep your Facebook profile alive and kicking. Let the audience be satisfied by just looking at your posts; in that way, you can attract them to come to you because of their curiosity about the taste of your food.

Facebook shall keep you progressing with the use of ads also. Nowadays, when a person is not looking around, he/she is probably looking at his/her phone. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

When you get to the point where you have established your brand and have gained trusted customers, then it’ still not the end! Be consistent with that, and you can never regress.


3. Praise

Now, this section is called “praise” because the goal is to produce MORE praises than insults and dissatisfaction. But we should never put those negative words aside. These are channels for improvements yet.

 What’s nice about Facebook is that customers can freely rate and say their opinion and comments on the food and service they just experienced.

When Facebook finally builds up the reviews you have on your page, then voila! You got yourself a rating. This rating now can somewhat become an edge (or not) among your competitors. What does this mean?

The more reviews you receive on Facebook about your restaurant, the more people will likely come and visit you and try your cuisine. That’s what’s crazy about social media. Potential customers are influenced by the ratings and opinions they see on your page via social media platforms. 

The higher ratings you get, the more you are trusted by the people. Have you tried saying “oooh it’s a five-star rating, we should try and eat here!” because yes, that’s precisely how people online think and feel now.

Regarding negative reviews, you shouldn’t ignore those too, and don’t fight back! Not all people have the same tongue and taste. There are a lot of factors that can lead a person not to like that particular type of food. Maybe he’s not used to a very tasty meal, nor not used to eat meat or something like that. Food preference is always biased. Not everyone will like your food, and you have to remember that.

If it’s your reputation that’s being destroyed, then you have to respond to it as professionally as you can. Fighting back won’t minimize the fire. Always make the customer be heard and still consider his/her opinions.


For more details on reviews and reputation management for restaurants, click here!


Facebook opens a broad and a variety of opportunities for your business! You don’t get to just share your products on it, but it can serve as a tool for interacting with your customers, which is even better (not to mention the benefit of being known worldwide!).

Social media’s powers can never be underestimated. This is the world now, and it runs by just clicking buttons on your gadgets. You have to take advantage of that because not only can you be benefited from this, but your customers even. What a win-win, right?


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