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The Significance of Reputation Management for Roofing Companies

On the point of starting, you roofing companies might not focus just yet on their reputation since only a few recognize their presence. They might not be dealing with what social media says about them just yet, too, because of the same reason.

But what if they get to start building their name and brand, and over time, their presence spreads a little wider, and their company getting bigger?

Then that’s the time they should really get on their feet and start monitoring what people are saying about them not just online, but everywhere.

A study found that 88% of consumers read online reviews to determine the quality of local business (like your roofing company), and 72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review.

What does that mean? Imagine the loss of your company when you do not maintain a good reputation. 72% IS A LOT.


Social Media

You need to be on every social media platform to monitor what the people say about you on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

And since we are all on a physical break and focusing on what’s digital, the more audience there will be on social media. Plus, we know how easy information is disseminated and scattered now. In one click, a whole community knows about it.

So when negative feedback of you gets the attention of the majority, then that’s a significant loss right there. And it might be extra hard to gain your customer’s trust back, if ever that may happen.

We need to be extra careful, although not all people will really like your service, or that some may intentionally ruin your reputation.


Responding to Reviews

Responding to reviews is as crucial as getting positive and negative feedback.

Even if the feedback is positive, it’s still a good thing to respond to it. It creates authenticity and sincerity to your customers. Knowing that you’ve responded to their reviews gives them the impression that you are very responsive and easy to contact. Also, responding to positive reviews make your clients feel cared for.

Whereas, when negative reviews arise, the same principle must still apply. It still needs a response. This is your chance to clarify and explain your side, BUT in the most respectful manner.

LEARN TO APOLOGIZE. It’s essential, though, that you always take ownership of the situation, even if you feel that it’s not your fault. If one review really offends you, do not take your anger out to your response. If possible, take time to cool off before making a response to that certain negative review. It’s not acceptable to argue with a customer. Things will just get even worse.

When a potential customer encounters that, they can commend you of your humility and responsiveness, and might lead to trusting you in the future.


Building your online reputation can get overwhelming. This just not needs a little time to spare on, but it requires a commitment. If you want to manage your reputation but have little knowledge of how to do it, that’s not a problem at all. Get started TODAY!





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