Websites: A MUST for Restaurants

Let’s be honest; this COVID-19 thing turned the world upside down.

It’d be really better to go and eat out in our favourite restaurants or explore new ones that would satisfy our cravings. But now, we’re all stuck in our houses and depend on deliveries or drive-thrus.

With this, people now switch to online dining. If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you should be prepared for this. One of the things you need to do cope with this pandemic is to be virtually active and present in the online world.

This blog will tackle why websites are essential to food businesses, most especially at this time.


Here are five reasons why:


1. Websites give an impression of a legitimate business

Most people will think that when a business has a website, then it’s well-established and legit. It adds to the professionalism of your image. Not having a website might be okay, but your business can be suspected as sketchy or judged as somewhat amateur. 

Although you might think that it might be enough to own a page on Facebook or a business account on Instagram, it still hits differently when you have your own website that’s being linked to all of the social media platforms you have created.


2. People can be informed with your services

Make sure that your website should contain all the relevant information about your business. Start with the basic stuff like location and what kind of food do you cater. Of course, you mustn’t forget about the menu!

With a website, your potential customers can easily browse your menu with just a scroll by their fingers. If, for example, customer orders through call, they don’t need to ask you what the available meals are. If it’s all updated and stated in the online menu, they know what to order in advance without wasting time to ask you what’s in.


3. Websites can include online ordering

Because of the pandemic, over-the-cashier payments aren’t a thing anymore. With just a few taps on their phones or gadgets, you’re good to go.

Restaurants would shift to online transactions now, and it’s a significant advantage among all other competitors who don’t have. People will likely switch to online payment as well because of the risk of having a person-to-person transaction might be very dangerous.


4. You own your website

The best part of having a website is that you own it. When you own your website, you get to do anything with it. It’s time to establish your brand colours and showcase your professionalism through your visual themes and food pictures.

Put your best foot forward. Even when the COVID-19 might let the customers feel limited, let your website feel limitless. Give them as much relevant information they need, entertain and make them crave for your services by just making them look at your website.


5. You can showcase your customer reviews

Of course, you earn money for every customer’s trust. Every rating counts. A review is a ripple, just like kindness is too. When somebody recommends your restaurant to others, the probability that the person who receives the recommendation gets to tell it to others, also the same as when a customer isn’t satisfied with your service, he/she gets to tell it to others. The others who were told might avoid your restaurant either.

That’s why customer reviews are essential, and showcasing them on your website is a big deal. Your reviews can help boost your potential customers to push through with their orders, and when they do, then you got yourself a customer! A customer earned is customers earned.


Your food business should cope with what the world labels as “new normal” now. When you can’t cope with it, you’re left out. It doesn’t mean a new normal system is rising; you’re all back to zero. In reality, the competition just keeps heating up. In this time of the pandemic, how can you stand out among all the others?

Start building your website, and when you already have one, improve and enhance it even more.


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